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By XiuHua Yu*

I beg poetry to stop a tank and
Poems full of tears would halt more tanks
I beg for flowers to stand up to bullets and
A handful of carnations to comfort a mother

I'm begging the sun to shine on everyone
Let people come out of the shelter
To touch the Spring that is scarred
But still trying to bloom

I beg those who say goodbye
Won’t to the sorrow of life and death
But will touch the joy of freedom
I beg that those kids will be able to run into the street

I beg for peace!
I beg those enemies with bayonets in their hands
Tell each other their respective
Mother's, wife's and children's names

I beg everyone who initiates a war of aggression
To cherish the life of every civilian
To cherish your own reputation and
The life of every soldier

I beg that the sun
Shines on an already troubled earth
There is nothing more evil than war
There is no aggression lower than war

I beg for peace!


*Yu Xiuhua is a 46-year-old poet with cerebral palsy.

She begged poetry to stop a tank, she begged flowers to fight bullets. She made the loudest anti-war voice.

Even if she wrote the unparalleled poems, she just made a normal human emotional judgment and defended it.

The poet is not a diplomat, nor a military strategist, but she has her own mission as a poet.