🌹Happy Mother's day to ALL the Mothers.💐祝所有的母亲:母亲节快乐!

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Songs my mother taught me, In the days long vanished;
Seldom from her eyelids were the teardrops banished.
Now I teach my children, each melodious measure.
Often the tears are flowing, often they flow from my memory's treasure.

愿天下所有母亲和已远行的母亲: 节日快乐!


Happy Mother's day to ALL the Mothers. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.  May you have a wonderful and joyous celebration on this Mother's Day. God bless you all beautiful Moms! 🙏❤️


"Songs My Mother Taught Me" (CzechKdyž mne stará matka zpívat učívalaGermanAls die alte Mutter sang) is a song for voice and piano written in 1880 by Antonín Dvořák. It is the fourth of seven songs from his cycle Gypsy Songs (CzechCigánské melodie), B. 104, Op. 55. The Gypsy Songs are set to poems by Adolf Heyduk in both Czech and German. This song in particular has achieved widespread fame.

妈妈教我的歌》(捷克语Když mne stará matka zpívat učívala德语Als die alte Mutter sang )是安东宁·德沃夏克于 1880 年创作的一首声乐和钢琴歌曲这是他的循环吉普赛歌曲捷克语Cigánské melodie )中七首歌曲中的第四首,B.104,第55号作品; 此吉普赛歌曲为捷克诗人阿道夫•海杜克(Adolf Heyduk)作词捷克语德语诗歌。这首歌尤其广为流传。